capacious ADJECTIVE having a lot of space inside; roomy.
DERIVATIVES capaciously adverb capaciousness noun.
ORIGIN from Latin capax 'capable' .

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  • Capacious — Ca*pa cious (k[.a]*p[=a] sh[u^]s), a. [L. capax, acis, fr. capere to take. See {Heave}.] 1. Having capacity; able to contain much; large; roomy; spacious; extended; broad; as, a capacious vessel, room, bay, or harbor. [1913 Webster] In the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • capacious — I adjective able to contain a great deal, ample, big, broad, capable of holding much, colossal, commodious, comprehensive, deep, expanded, expansive, extended, extensive, generous, gigantic, great, huge, immense, large, massive, roomy, spacious,… …   Law dictionary

  • capacious — 1610s, from L. capax (gen. capacis), from capere to take (see CAPABLE (Cf. capable)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • capacious — *spacious, commodious, ample Analogous words: *broad, wide: extended or extensive (see corresponding verb EXTEND): expanded or expansive (see corresponding verb EXPAND) Antonyms: exiguous (of quarters, spaces, containers) Contrasted words:… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • capacious — [adj] ample, extensive abundant, broad, comfortable, commodious, comprehensive, dilatable, distensible, expandable, expansive, extended, generous, liberal, plentiful, roomy, sizable, spacious, substantial, vast, voluminous, wide; concepts 481,772 …   New thesaurus

  • capacious — [kə pā′shəs] adj. [< L capax (gen. capacis), large < capere, to take (see HAVE) + OUS] able to contain or hold much; roomy; spacious capaciously adv. capaciousness n …   English World dictionary

  • capacious — [[t]kəpe͟ɪʃəs[/t]] ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n Something that is capacious has a lot of space to put things in. [FORMAL] ...her capacious handbag …   English dictionary

  • capacious — adjective Etymology: Latin capac , capax capacious, capable, from Latin capere Date: 1606 containing or capable of containing a great deal Synonyms: see spacious • capaciously adverb • capaciousness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • capacious — capaciously, adv. capaciousness, n. /keuh pay sheuhs/, adj. capable of holding much; spacious or roomy: a capacious storage bin. [1605 15; CAPACI(TY) + OUS] Syn. ample, large. Ant. confining. * * * …   Universalium

  • capacious — adjective Having a lot of space inside; roomy. The car was capacious enough to fit all his guests. Syn: ample, commodious, roomy, spacious, exhaustively capable, voluminous, massive, large …   Wiktionary

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